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Australian National OS9 Newsletter (1988-1994)

The Australian National OS9 Newsletter was a Color Computer-oriented newsletter created by Gordon Bentzen, Don Berrie and Bob Devries. Issues were produced from July 1988 to August 1994. Credit to CoCoCoding for issue information and summary.


texts 67

Computer Newsletters: User Groups and Flyers

newsletter 56
bob devries 37
file 30
australian 29
disk 27
gordon bentzen 19
coco 18
print 17
data 16
user group 15
program 14
public domain 12
directory 11
hard drive 11
rod holden 11
dim 10
endif 9
goto 9
hard disk 9
user 9
system disk 8
desk utilities 7
files 7
group newsletter 7
users group 7
char 6
devries 6
print print 6
puckett 6
qld 6
source code 6
command 5
descriptor 5
drive 5
module 5
operating system 5
screen 5
variable 5
burke 4
dir 4
double sided 4
echo 4
error 4
file named 4
froa 4
pointer 4
string 4
bbs 3
beq 3
byte 3
bytes 3
color computer 3
dale 3
data directory 3
device 3
disks 3
display 3
file called 3
file descriptor 3
frank hogg 3
ida 3
input 3
modules 3
nsw 3
printf 3
startup 3
tandy 3
track double 3
utilities menu 3
van der 3
variables 3
aay 2
australian oss 2
batch file 2
baud 2
bentzen 2
berrie 2
bob van 2
boot 2
boot disk 2
buffer 2
chicago 2
cluster 2
cluster size 2
cmds directory 2
code 2
color 2
current data 2
cursor 2
der poel 2
device descriptor 2
device driver 2
device window 2
disk basic 2
disk drives 2
edit 2
equ 2
error goto 2
error message 2
error path 2
execution directory 2
exit exit 2
file manager 2
froi 2
function 2
gime 2
gosub 2
integer 2
kevin darling 2
kissable 2
klssable 2
link count 2
loop 2
lower case 2
menu 2
naae 2
offset 2
oss 2
oss newsletter 2
pak 2
param 2
pin 2
print iwpath 2
prograi 2
register int 2
screen type 2
scsi 2
sculptor 2
sector 2
sectors 2
serial port 2
software 2
soie 2
std error 2
ttl enhanced 2
usage 2
variable named 2
window writer 2
xsave rmb 2
accessible applications 1
address 1
address field 1
aeaory 1
aeaory block 1
aenu 1
allocation table 1
arc 1
arc hyperbolic 1
array 1
arrow character 1
ascii 1
ascii file 1
asked questions 1
assembler 1
assembler language 1
assembly language 1
assigned 1
assigned values 1
attr 1
austral 1
australia pty 1
australian personal 1
bank select 1
bcs error 1
bentzen bob 1
beq open 1
berne 1
berrie bob 1
bitaap 1
block 1
board support 1
bob 1
bob bevries 1
bob devnes 1
boisy 1
boost 1
boot list 1
breakpoint 1
bsr 1
byte dim 1
byte sectors 1
card catalog 1
carriage return 1
case 1
cash register 1
catalog 1
catalog data 1
ccdisk 1
character 1
character pairs 1
chicago coco 1
chris burke 1
clock 1
clustering 1
clustersize 1
cmpa 1
coco disk 1
coco disks 1
coco hardware 1
coco pucc 1
english 67
Date Published
Vol 3 No 5 June 1989: The OSK Experience (Atari OS-9), The OS9 Operating System (Part 3), How to Convert 2 disk programmes to 40 or 80 Track, A Database in 'C' (Part 4), A Modification to Karl Kreider's Bootsplit
Topics: device, level, file, newsletter, descriptor, dir, descriptors, disk, modules, grfint, double sided,...
Vol 3 No 2 March 1989: Making the Most of Microware C (Part 3), ShellPlus V2.0 (Review), RS-232 Interface (with schematic), A Database in 'C' (Part 1)
Topics: byte, newsletter, module, rts, tandy, bytes, strings, user, disk, australian, user group, header...
Vol 3 No 3 April 1989: A Hard Disk for your CoCo System? (B&B XTC), The OS9 Operating System (Part 1), A Database in 'C' (Part 2)
Topics: modules, file, burke, newsletter, directory, australian, drive, module, disk, char, text editing,...
Vol 8 No 3 April/May 1994: OS9 BBS Sysop (D/L Library), OSK Screens, CoCo3 OS9 Fonts, CoCo 3 Hard Drives, Home Librarian (OSK)
Topics: buffer, pak, newsletter, librarian, ibm, australian, bbs, catalog, card catalog, disk, users group,...
Vol 7 No 9 October 1993: 6809 OS9 System Utilities (Save, Merge, Del, Makdir), OZ-OS9 BBS (ls), RSDOS BASIC Conversion, Atlanat CoCoFest, Internet
Topics: error, ida, exit, beq, file, path, leax, rmb, save, equ, exit exit, xsave rmb, error message, rod...
Vol 7 No 1 Jan/Feb 1993: Questions/Answers (OS-9 FAQ) Saving B09 Windows, B09 Windows, C Tutorial Chap 12
Topics: pointer, qld, data, microware, dynamic, dynamically, block, program, qld qld, dim, vic vic, tandy...
Vol 3 No 4 May 1989: Hexadecimal and ASCII Dump Programme, The OS9 Operating System (Part 2), Motor On modifiation for FD502 disk drives (further note), Problems with DSAVE, A Database in 'C' (Part 3), Setting the Environment for your C Compiler
Topics: disk, nsw, print, dsave, file, cursor, drive, coco, system disk, australian, hard disk, disk...
Vol 8 No 2 March 1994: OS9 BBS Sysop (D/L Library), Bootsplit (OS9000 Changes), Sound Files (AIFF, WAV, IFF), Scientific Calculator (OS9/OSK)
Topics: returns, hyperbolic, arc, australian, devries, matrix, bytes, newsletter, march, constants,...
Vol 8 No 6 August 1994: Programming in Basic09, Tuning a Burke & Burke HD, INFO! (qtip), More INFO! (Uptime)
Topics: sector, qld, qtip, endif, file, byte, newsletter, devries, interleave, code, inala qld, gordon...
Vol 8 No 5 July 1994: INFO! (dir), More on IBM-CoCo emulator, Compressor extensions, MM/1 Keysense function, Record locking, SCANF discussion, More INFO! (ded)
Topics: copyright, file, program, coco, newsletter, software, directory, dir, fscanfo, orphanware,...
Vol 5 No 6 July 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 3), A C Tutorial Chap 2, FREE - A bug-free version (Part 2)
Topics: print, bentzen, prograa, qld, bsr, newsletter, devries, endif, goto, ieax, executable stateaent,...
Vol 5 No 10 November 1991: Read RSDos BASIC tokenized files, A C Tutorial Chap 4 (Part 2), OSK Windows, An Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Aug '85 - Dec '86)
Topics: screen, puckett, window, assigned, dale, variable, data, kissable, result, newsletter, utility...
Vol 5 No 8 September 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 5), The OS9 File System, Utime.h header file for Kreider Library (Problem in PD Library), 68XXX Machines (Announcement), Smile! You're on Candid Camera (Emoticons)
Topics: smiley, submitter, file, disk, bytes, directory, coco, byte, descriptor, pin, track disk, three...
Vol 2 No 5 November 1988: ZAP OS9 L2 Disk Zapper (Part 2), Rogue (Review), Starting Out With OS9 (Part 1), Multi-Vue and the 'C' Programming Language (Part 2), RGB Patch
Topics: print, iwpath, endif, parah, dih, echo, directory, goto, newsletter, naae, feel free, print iwpath,...
Vol 6 No 4 May 1992: Send - Another Neat Utility, DeUnixification of Text Files, DUPing paths in OS9 C, MM/1 Expansion Information, A lesson in rationalization, OS-9 for Windows 3.0 or going portable, More on OS9 for Windows 3, CoCo3 Dhrystone rating, Floptical Drives!!???
Topics: signal, char, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, australian, module, boisy, infomation, newsletter,...
Vol 5 No 11 December 1991: Using Kevin Darling's GFX2, A C Tutorial Chap 5, An Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '87), WPShel Product Description, File Size?
Topics: function, variable, program, file, menu, klssable, wpshel, variables, puckett, newsletter, text...
Vol 7 No 10 November 1993: OZ-OS9 BBS (help), CoCo3 Hot Rod, OSK and OS9000 Public Domain, Undel Utility
Topics: motorola, bbs, rod, newsletter, australian, hardware, jzh, disk, ftp, files, cross compilers, asked...
Vol 8 No 4 June 1994: CoCo 2 Emulator for the PC, INFO! (park/unpark), Sound on the MM/1, A free UNIX for PCs, RS232 on the CoCo, Computers & Model Railway (Basic09)
Topics: coco, disk, emulator, usa, unix, virtural, print, newsletter, disks, australian, jwt enterprises,...
Vol 7 No 6 July 1993: Get Next Window (getnw), Backup Utility (FHF, Floppy to Hard to Floppy), A Fern in 'C', OZ-OS9 BBS (Lotto)
Topics: fhf, newsletter, disk, floppy, lotto, error, print, destination, getnw, australian, print print,...
Vol 4 No 10 November 1990: Which Computer?, OS9 Tutorial (Part 2), Computer Languages
Topics: disk, directory, foraat, file, startup, files, coco, froa, drive, data, file called, data directory
Vol 5 No 7 August 1991: Where we stand on the MM/1, A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 4), A C Tutorial Chap 3, An Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles
Topics: tne, loop, puckett, tnat, executed, kissabie, oss, software, stateaents, australian, frank hogg,...
Vol 6 No 2 March 1992: The OS-9 L2 Upgrade Story, First impressions of the MM/1, A C Tutorial Chap 6, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '88)
Topics: vsc, puckett, bbs, program, dale, coco, baud, fido, newsletter, sysop, main board, local telephone,...
Vol 7 No 4 May 1993: Some More Shellplus Scripts, C Tutorial Chap 14, OS9 BBS, Rewrite (Utility to strip the front from a file), ORCHESTRA 90CC under OS9
Topics: goto, echo, program, seme, deskmate, newsletter, display, file, script, dos, source code, gordon...
Vol 5 No 2 March 1991: Four Drives!, CoCo Windows Vs Windows 3.0, Basic09 Parameters, File De-fragmentor (Part 2)
Topics: coco, device, module, newsletter, windows, screen, drive, australian, color, windowing, register...
Vol 4 No 3 April 1990: Basic09 Toys (CoCo OS9 Only), CC3IO and The ShellPlus Path Command
Topics: devries, berrie, bob, newsletter, editorial, berne, gordon, bentzen, coco, ssc, bob devries, frank...
Vol 2 No 3 September 1988: Patch for the Microware 'C' Compiler, New graphical Interface for your CoCo3 (MultiVue Review), Sculptor Example Application, Iconedit (further notes)
Topics: user, sculptor, tandy, menu, graphical, group, nsw, newsletter, national, disk, sculptor...
Vol 7 No 7 August 1993: OZ-OS9 BBS (JTree), A Basi09 menu programme, 6809 OS9 System Utilities (Link, Load, Unlink)
Topics: error, endif, command, key, beq, gosub, cmpa, usergroup, equ, newsletter, typelang set, ttl...
Vol 5 No 4 May 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 1), Introduction to the C Tutorial, STOP PRESS (Ipatch for serial mouse), DIRL (minor correction in V5 N5)
Topics: prograi, vill, coipiier, newsletter, qld, nsv, screen, disk, van der, dir, include dir, dir size,...
Vol 6 No 3 April 1992: OS-9 and the 6309, A C Tutorial Chap 7, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '89), The SCSI System 1.0, Uprgade Update (fabled L2)
Topics: string, array, data, scsi, coco, newsletter, puckett, program, klssable, froa, scsi system,...
Vol 7 No 2 March 1993: Del Vers7, OOPS, Now it won't boot! (XT-ROM), Window Writer cleanup (V1.2), Disk cataloger, FlashTalk modem, Portable CoCo, OS9 BBS
Topics: data, ved, beq, ida, conect, file, dim, newsletter, stdin, australian, bob devries, window writer,...
Vol 4 No 11 December 1990: Opstart - Use the same script to do different things, OS9 Profile to SDF Conversion, Hard Disk Backups, The New GFX2, Starting Multivue, Datamodules
Topics: files, newsletter, dim, char, optstart, file, user, australian, december, disk, hard drive, gordon...
Vol 4 No 2 March 1990: Tax, Income and Investment, MVCanvas (Review), Module Identification (Various OS9 Modules), Modifications to CoCo OS9 Disk ZAP, Yet More Patches
Topics: module, header, column, newsletter, mvcanvas, param, income, print, disk, australian, tax deducted,...
Vol 5 No 3 April 1991: Getting SAS-sy with your Disks, Document files and MAN
Topics: bitaap, disk, froa, sectors, file, australian, oss, newsletter, char, clustersize, oss newsletter,...
Vol 3 No 11 December 1989: Lineater Basic Programme, Resistor Calculator, The Future of the CoCo3, Let's Clear the slate 3 Different Ways (CLS), An explanation on windows for your system disk, How to become a Millionaire, Savings Calculator, Device Descriptor Query, Further Thoughts on the Capabilities of ShellPlus?, Operating System Notes
Topics: print, startup, coco, descriptor, screen, disk, australian, newsletter, startup file, savings,...
Vol 2 No 6 December 1988: Making the Most of Microware C (Part 1), Starting Out With OS9 (Part 2), Reading LSN0, Running a Terminal under OS9: A Tutorial for the CoCo Patches to ZAP
Topics: disk, user, systei, priatf, print, froi, tpi, newsletter, conand, soie, user group, group...
Vol 5 No 9 October 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 6), A C Tutorial Chap 4 (Part 1), Princeton University CoCo listserver, Mac Follies make us feel better, SCSI info for the MM/1, OSK PD Programmes from Europe
Topics: coco, listserv, scsi, data, file, variables, program, loop, newsletter, integer, gordon bentzen,...
Vol 7 No 11 December 1993: OZ-OS9 BBS (Digitiz Program), How OS9 Boots, Converting Basic programmes
Topics: print, startup, data, hexadecimal, input, newsletter, record, digitz, address, resistors, rod...
Vol 6 No 5 June 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 8, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '90), Converting Amiga 8SVI Sound for compatibility with PLAY, Verdisk - Disk verify command for OS9, More
Topics: pointer, variable, prograi, char, file, froi, pointers, ida, newsletter, breakpoint, int type, disk...
Vol 4 No 6 July 1990: CC3Go and ShellPlus, How come my boot process takes so long?, Building a Boot Disk (Part 2), Check Book Programme, Window Directory
Topics: print, reh, dim, files, disks, endif, boot, disk, print usins, newsletter, print clearcode, system...
Vol 3 No 10 November 1989: Fourth Generation Languages and OS-9 (Part 2), A Tidy-Up Programme for Window Writer, Super Controller II (Review)
Topics: data, newsletter, qld, program, sculptor, australian, modules, nsw, dim, unlink, report type,...
Vol 4 No 4 May 1990: Documentation for ZAP, OS-9 from the Begining (Part 1), Additions and Alterations, Finding Information About files
Topics: disk, directory, sector, data, device, programme, user, file, descriptor, newsletter, system disk,...
Vol 4 No 8 September 1990: Computer Widow, Disk File Fragmentation, Dynacalc Term String offsets, Modifications to printer drivers
Topics: disk, yith, australian, string, newsletter, september, character, devries, aay, austral, direct...
Vol 6 No 9 October 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 10, FAT Display Program, OS9 Attitude, From the Librarian (Ed & Rev Numbers)
Topics: file, program, commands, directory, system, newsletter, disk, command, filename, pointer, domain...
Vol 4 No 9 October 1990: Phantomgraph printer driver changes (DMP105/6), Basic09 Biomorphs and other mathematical mysteries, OS-9 Tutorial (Part 1), Dynacalc Patch
Topics: disk, directory, data, file, dim, australian, endif, dir, newsletter, info, disk basic, data file,...
Vol 7 No 3 April 1993: Floptical Drives, C Tutorial Chap 13, Interleave Tester, ShellPlus Scripts
Topics: mpfm, echo, goto, mpeg, ramdisk, pak, display, program, file manager, file, video decoder,...
Vol 6 No 10 November 1992: A SAVE from MultiVue, Thoughts on the MM/1, IDE Drives on the Colour Computer
Topics: ide, coco, drives, martygoodman, mfm, general, disto, msg, file, australian, desk utilities, mfm...
Vol 4 No 7 August 1990: Shell-scripts and the Menu programme, Introducing the MM/1, Installing a fan in your CoCo3
Topics: paul, aenu, goto, tandy, newsletter, hark, froa, echo, baud, coco, serial port, frank hogg, color...
Vol 3 No 1 January/February 1989: Making the Most of Microware C (Part 2), SETIME Patch, Starting Out with OS9 (Part 3), Running a Terminal under OS9: File Transfers, A celcius to fahrenheit Converter in 'C'
Topics: kermit, rof, degrees, file, functions, newsletter, user, string, pointer, float, assembly language,...
Vol 6 No 7 August 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 9, Are your VEF pictures squashed?, Australian CoCoFEST!, Microware's 'pipelines', Hard Disk Interface Options, Add a 2nd port to your Deluxe RS-232 PAK, 6309 Bechmarks
Topics: file, vef, burke, newsletter, command, program, printf, pin, solder, australian, bob devries, hard...
Vol 6 No 1 Jan/Feb 1992: Trojan Horse for OS9?, Patch for Deldir, Patching Kevin Darling's GFX2, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '88), Modules in my OS9Boot, Create a Customized OS9 System Disk
Topics: data, gime, coco, puckett, dale, newsletter, disk, kissable, gihe, australian, gime gime, gihe...
Vol 3 No 9 October 1989: EDIT: Using Macros - Tutorial for the OS9 Macro Text Editor (Part 3), The OS9 'C' Compiler (Review), A Database in 'C' (Part 8 - Last), What happens to the system when a program runs?
Topics: macro, compiler, source, macros, edit, command, directory, code, user, australian, source code,...
Vol 7 No 8 September 1993: OZ-OS9 BBS (DupFile), Removing TAB Characters, New OS9 Help Utility, Make, a compilation utility
Topics: file, files, qld, xlc, newsletter, directory, tab, dependency, duplicated, dupfile, object files,...
Vol 3 No 6 July 1989: Ohm's Law Demonstration, EDIT - A tutorial on the OS-9 Macro Text Editor (Part 1), The OS9 Operating System (Part 4), A Database in 'C' (Part 5)
Topics: print, file, files, newsletter, ccdisk, track, includes, sided, edit, editor, track double, boot...
Vol 6 No 11 December 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 11, Programming for new platforms (Amiga, Atari, Kix /30), NitrOS9, 2 Meg Upgrade
Topics: variable, structure, variables, meg, data, clock, program, coco, define, named, file named, desk...
Vol 8 No 1 Jan/Feb 1994: OS9 BBS Sysop (More Comand), CLS Revisited (TERMCAP, OSK), Cluster's Last Stand, The SECAD Experience, Bootsplit (OSK
Topics: file, cluster, char, osk, rbfman, secad, devries, clustering, newsletter, size, file descriptor,...
Vol 6 No 8 September 1992: A Patch to the Kernel, A C Tutorial Chap 9, More Patches (WindInt)
Topics: program, input, newsletter, function, string, variable, file, output, data, integer, utilities...
Vol 5 No 5 June 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 2), A C Tutorial Chap 1, ERRATA - DIRL Correction from last issue, Clusters, Modpatch Problems, FREE - A bug-free version (Part 1)
Topics: cluster, errata, file, sectors, print, coco, newsletter, disk, naae, australian, root directory,...
Vol 7 No 5 June 1993: Merge Utility (Replacement), OS9 BBS (color - RiBBS), The Rocket ( A conversation with Chris Burke), Cash Register
Topics: color, burke, printf, attr, usage, coco, file, newsletter, chicago, australian, bob devries, desk...
Vol 6 No 6 July 1992: Report on the Chicago CoCoFest,An OS9 Calendar Printer, Info on POWER BOOST
Topics: coco, burke, int, printf, patches, australian, boost, newsletter, tdefine, chicago, speed increase,...
Vol 2 No 4 October 1988: Multi-Vue and the 'C' Programming Language (Part 1), ZAP OS9 L2 Disk Zapper (Part 1), Koronis Rift (Review), OS9 Error Messages
Topics: print, endif, goto, param, newsletter, case, error, dim, illegal, users, table full, source code,...
Vol 4 No 5 June 1990: Creating a Boot Disk (Part 1), CoCo3 Boot List Order Bug (BLOB), OS-9 from the Beginning (Part 2)
Topics: disk, boot, newsletter, gime, data, drive, australian, modpatch, devices, offset, step rate, double...
Vol 2 No 2 August 1988: Dynacalc Patches, Iconedit V2.03, User Friendly Windows
Topics: user, dim, endif, data, screen, mouse, newsletter, print, disks, disk, user group, byte dim, group...
Vol 5 No 1 February 1991: Patch Mfree for 1 Meg, Tutorial in 'C' Programming, File De-fragmentor (Part 1)
Topics: stateaent, data, syntax, australian, prograaae, goto, aay, newsletter, soie, aeaory, bob van,...
Vol 4 No 1 February 1990: A Basic09 Database Programme, Shellscripts with Bells and Whistles
Topics: print, gosub, endif, goto, seek, overlay, input, display, device window, dim, overlay windows,...
Vol 3 No 8 September 1989: Fourth Generation Languages and OS-9 (Part 1), OS-9 Profile (Review), A Database in 'C' (Part 7), Calendar Program
Topics: database, program, profile, australian, assembler, programming, print, newsletter, language,...
Vol 3 No 7 August 1989: MACROS - Tutorial for the OS9 Macro Text Editor (Part 2), A Database in 'C' (Part 6), Label Printer Basic09 Programme, UpperDir - A Basic09 Utility
Topics: print, buffer, goto, dim, printfc, files, newsletter, directory, command, file, print print, system...
Vol 2 No 1 July 1988: Ramdisk Device Descriptor, Patch for OS9 L2 (Rel, Boot Step), Stylograph Word Processing System.
Topics: fcb, stylo, file, descriptor, user, offset, newsletter, ascii, dictionary, disk, user group,...